Hollywood Heartbreak by C.J. Duggan

Hollywood Heartbreak
Author: C.J. Duggan 
Publisher: Hachette Australia
Release date: 27th March 2018
Pages: 287 pages
R.R.P: $17.99
Aussie girl Abby Taylor is heading for the hills- the Hollywood Hills. All she has to do first is exorcise some old demons, namely Cassie Carmichael, the characters she's been playing on Australia's number one television show for the past three years.

Abby is in desperate need of a change. With a new city, new friends and a sweet new condo in West Hollywood, it's time to take her career to the next level. But with disastrous auditions and countless rejections, Abby is going to need to numb the pain in the hope that her next big break comes along soon, and it does. She just never dreamed her big break would be in the form of waiting tables at one of the hot tested nightspots on the strip.

Action packed late nights and VIP parties are a sure distraction, but nothing distracts her quite like her brooding new boss, the infuriating Jay Davis. Suddenly living the dream takes on a whole new meaning, but when something in Jay's past is revealed, Abby has to question, who is the greatest actor of them all?

In the land of broke. Dreams, all Abby can do is hope that hers is not going to be one of them.

My Review
Thoughts in the book:                    (MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS)
Hollywood Heartbreak is the fifth stand alone novel in C.J. Duggan's Heart of the City series. In Hollywood Heartbreak we are introduced to Australian actress Abby Taylor, who after a massive scandal with a co-star, was axed from the television show that she had been working on for the past three years. Of course the next step would be trying her hand in Hollywood so she arranged to move in with her friend who she met while on the show Billie. Abby can incision her future now; she will be living in an amazing condo, partying every night, touching shoulders with celebrities at every turn and getting her big break from her very first audition. But upon landing in LA she isn't met with her best friend but a hot guy who she has never heard of before. But as soon as he opens his mouth something about him annoys her and she is immediately turned off from him. But as her time in Hollywood goes on Abby discovers that not all is as it seems and the people she thought she could trust might just be the people who let her down the most? Will Abby get her big break and will she fall in love in the process?

Firstly thank you so much to Lydia from Hachette for sending me a copy of Hollywood Heartbreak for review. I have loved reviewing each of these five books when they have come out. I think Hollywood Heartbreak would nearly have to be my favourite of the five books. I think a lot of the reason why is because I really liked Abby, Jay and Billie as characters and the changes all three went through throughout the book. 

Abby of course had a major change because she went from everyone knowing her and being able to walk into an audition and get it to basically no one knowing her and not getting any auditions. Also she had to try and change so much about herself to fit into the Hollywood actress scene; she needed to have acting lessons, get taught how to change her accent so it was more American and therefore more fitting for what the people holding the auditions were looking for, get a day job so that she could still uphold the Lifestyle she is used to and also network with people who she dislikes but who will boost her profile. 

Of course then there is also her annoying new neighbour and Billie's boss, Jay who owns The Saloon Bar, a very popular nightclub and daytime restaurant. Jay seems to keep everything close to his heart but everyone who works for him raves about how amazing a boss he is and he has an impeccable sense of style. The relationship that develops between Abby and Jay is a very slow burning one but when it heats up boy does it heat up fast. But as in all things that heat up fast they can also sizzle fast. I think their relationship is defiantly an opposites attract one and I would defiantly love to see more of the two of them. 

Lastly I will mention Abby's best friend Billie and as we learn Jay's employee. From all accounts on social media Billie is living the Hollywood dream as a famous make up artist for all of the big named Hollywood stars butas we soon learn Billie's life is far from the perfect life she wants everyone to think she has. Billie hasn't really had a big time make up gig for ages and the only way she can afford her condo that she is living in is that the person owning it was her client in the past and she loved her work and wanted to help her out. To make ends meet she has been working at the Saloon Bar as a waitress  and that's why she defends Jay so much whenever anyone has anything to say about him. But she gets her big break with Abby's help and ends up with her dream job. 

I can't wait to read more from C.J. Duggan and I think Billie defiantly deserves her own book.

Rating: 4/5