Book Review: Vet Cadets- Saving Itsy Bitsy by Rebecca Johnson

Vet Cadets: Saving Itsy Bitsy
Author: Rebecca Johnson
Publisher: Penguin Random House Australia
Release date: 31/07/17
R.R.P: $14.99
Pages: 150 pages
Abbey, Hannah and Talika are new recruits at Willowvale boarding school's Vet Cadets program. Henreietta, the school pig, has had a very large litter of piglets. But something is wrong with Itsy Bitsy, the smallest piglet, and the girls must work together to fight for her life.

There's also the mystery of some stolen cattle to solve- it seems that saving lives and crime fighting through science are all just part of a normal school day for these clever Vet Cadets.

My review
Thoughts on the book: Vet Cadets: Saving Itsy Bitsy is the third book in the Vet Cadets series by Rebecca Johnson which tells us the stories of what Abbey, Hannah and Talika get up to at their Willowvale boarding school. In Saving Itsy Bitsy the Vet Cadets are learning about looking after piglets after the one of the school's pigs gives birth to a huge litter. One of the piglets is a runt and Mr McPhail had removed it from the pen as he didn't believe that it would make it. But Hannah, Abbey and Talika believe that the little piglet will make it and fight to look after the piglet themselves and try and help raise it so that it an be big and strong and join her brother and sisters. Of course there is also the fact the girls are almost trampled in a cattle stampede, have to find a talent for the talent show and look into the missing stole the cattle, just a typical couple of weeks at Willowvale boarding school.

I absolutely adore this series and must admit that I read this before reading it with my daughter because I couldn't wait to see what the Vet Cadet girls were up to this time. My daughter, as you can expect, was not impressed at all with me and has vowed to try and read it herself now (who him actually taking as a positive as it means she's becoming more independent). Of course Rebecca Johnson didn't disappoint with book 3 and I was throughly drawn in throughout the whole book, and as with the previous books I learnt some information about pigs that I never knew and about tagging cows, I found the different methods of ways to identifiy your cows particularly interesting. I really wish there was a school like this around when I was their age near me as I would have loved to have gone to it. 

Another fantastic Vet Cadet adventure and I know I, and I'm positive my daughter too when she reads it, will be hanging for more from Abbey, Talika and Hannah.

Rating: 5/5