Book Review: Laugh Your Head Off Again and Again by various authors

Laugh Your Head Off Again and Again
Authors: Andy Griffiths, R.A. Spratt, Tristan Bancks, Tony Wilson, Meredith Costain, John Marsden, Alex Ratt, Deborah Abela and Alan Brough
Publisher: Pan MacMillan Australia
Publication date: 31st October 2017
R.R.P: $19.99
Pages: 189 pages
Just when you thought you were safe... nine of Australia's favourite kids' authors are ready to get heads rolling- again!

This wonderful collection of hilariously zany tales includes:
A Scary Shower 
An Unexpected Gift
Three Twisty Pigs
Terrible Twins
A Choose Your Own Adventue
A Famous Dancing Dog
A Halloween Chicken
A Demonic Clown
A Running Race Like No other

Filled with delightfully quirky illustrations by Andrea Innocent, Laugh Your Head Off Again and Again will appeal to both girls and boys, from middle to upper primary.

My Review
Thoughts on the book: My oldest boy and I were so stoked when we recieved a copy of Laugh Your Head Off Again and Again to review. One of his favourite authors, Andy Griffiths was featured in it and one of my childhood favourites, John Marsden was also featured. All of the nine stories are absolutely hilarious and are the right length for a beginning confident reading alone reader to read themselves. I love collaborations like this where you get a little snippet into what the author can offer you and I always find new authors to try after reading a collaborative piece. 

My oldest's favourite story was The Halloween Chicken by Alex Ratt. He liked that it was a different take on the vampire stories you normally hear about and that in this one the vampire was a Hedgehog who craved milk, not blood. He did however have a question with the story and it was why didn't the girl turn into a vampire like the hedgehog did after getting bit? It was a very good question I thought and one I never thought of when I read it. 

My favourite was Charlie and the Stations of the Cross-Country by Alan Brough. I loved our main character Charlie and the hilarious things he does to prepare for his school cross country. I found while reading I remembered my childhood cross countries and how I hated them and maybe if I had thoug of some of these hilarious ideas when I was doing it as least I would have had fun doing it. It defiantly would have been hilarious to see a boy running with a skirt on with gumboots that had tinned cans on the front.

Rating: 5/5