Book Review: The True Colour of Forever by Carrie Firestone

The True Colour of Forever
Author: Carrie Firestone
Publisher: Hoddef Children's Books
Pages: 318 pages
One Summer. One moment.
New friends. One crush.

Sadie works at her summer job, willing something exciting to happen. But when it does, in one split second, everything changes.
Overnight, Sadie becomes a YouTube sensation. And in the midst of her unexpected fame, she meets four new best friends.
One makes her stomach flip.
As the friends embark on a journey together, they realise they have the power to change lives.
But when the choices they make mean so much, can new friendships and first love last forever?

My review
Thoughts on the book: The True Colour of Forever tells the story of Sadie who is minding her own business one hot day at work when a drunk man pulls into the farm stand where she works and starts shopping for things. Sadie hears a child crying in the backseat and immediately goes to the drunk man's car to take his keys so he can't drive away drunk. But suddenly the drunk man is there and is causing serious damage to Sadie who ends up in hospital with a list of injuries. All of this is caught on camera by a kid that was there and put on YouTube and Sadie is suddenly a hero. Sadie recieves a letter stating that she is an honoured at the Rotar Club Homegrown Hero Award Luncheon which she reluctantly goes to. Here she learns that she was actually a step in as the first person had to decline theirs. Here Sadie meets a group of other young local heroes with some she is even familar with. Suddenly this group of local heroes are instant best friends and are fighting online bullies. But that's not all Sadie is gifted with a present from the person who nominated for the award and it turns out to be thousands of dollars worth of diamonds. Now Sadie and the group must decide what to do with diamonds. Will the group make the right choice?

I adored having another Carrie Firestone book in my hands as her first book, The Loose Ends List was one of my favourite reads of 2016. Carrie Firestone just seems to have a way with weaving a story that will draw you in and secretly putting little amazing ideas in your head that like the characters and situations she writes about you too get the inclining to do too. She also talks about issues that you might not have thought of before, like assisted dying in The Loose Ends and The True Colour of Friendship is no different. Carrie Firestone talks about cyber bullying, drugs, being assaulted and the after effects of it and the pressure to do the right thing. All these issues are very important and are discussed in such a way that you don't really think about them as your reading them but upon reflection realise that the author has a very valid point.  I loved the whole concept of this group of heroes making their own secret group, The Unlikelies, fighting cyber bullying. Each of the members of the group have something different to offer and the dynamic just works so well. I just wish the book could go on and on. I can't wait to read more from Carrie Firestone. She should defiantly be on your automatic buy list!!

Rating: 5/5


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