Book Review: I Hate Everything But You by Gaby Dunn & Allison Raskin

I Hate Everyone But You
Author: Gaby Dunn & Allison Raskin
Publisher: Allen and Unwin
Release date: 27th September 2017
Pages: 342 pages
R.R.P: $19.99
Dear Best Friend,
I can already tell that I will hate everyone but you.
Ava Helmer
(that brunette who won't leave) 😪

We're still in the same too , you weirdo.
Stop crying
G 😂

So begins a series of texts and emails between best friends Ava and Gen as they head off to their first semester of college on opposite sides of the country. From first loves to weird roommates, mental health, heartbreak, self-discovery and coming out. Ava and Gen will document every moment to each other. But as each changes and grows into her new life, will their friendship be able to survive the distance?

My review
Thoughts on the book: I Hate Everyone but you... is the story of best friends Ava and Gen who have both gone off into the big wide world to head to college on seperate sides of the world. Ava is very self conscious and gets anxious very easily and even being a couple of hours away from her parents is hard for her. Her mother is basically her other best friend and she really wants to try and step out of her comfort zone and really experience a typical college experience with romance, joining a fraternity and the rest that that entails. Gen seems to be the stronger of this duo but does have her own issues to deal with. She seems to be attracted to people who are a lot older, seem to have a troubled existence and are of the opposite sex. Told through texts and emails between the two, the girls are set to test their boundaries and their friendship in ways that they have never been tested before. Will they survive?

As always I'm so excited when I receive book mail of any sort and I was especially excited to receive I Hate Everyone But You ... The cover looked amazing and on a quick flick through it looked like a quick easy read filled with emails and text messages which is my favourite kind of read as you would know. However not too far into it I began to lose my hype that I had for it. I really really wanted to like it however. To be honest both girls kind of got on my nerves, more Gen than Ava. Gen just seemed to hop from troubled girl to troubled girl with no break in between and I felt just always seemed to attract trouble wherever she went. I liked Ava's storylines more only because I can see more people relating to her. I sometimes wondered how these two stayed friends when it seemed like they didn't really respect each other. I also sometimes got a little confused with who was talking at the time and had to have another look at the post to see. What saved it for me however was the email/sms concept. If it had been written as a story with chapters I think it would have been a lot worse. I am still very interested to read more from the authors in the future though.

Rating: 3/5