Book Club Read-along week 3


Well we are up to Week 3 of the first Book Club read-along, Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo, thanks to Date a Book over on Goodreads. This week we had to read Part 4 The Trick to Falling and here are my thoughts on this part and my answers to the Goodreads questions Date a Book posted.

At the end of Part 3 Mattius and Nina had decided to put their differences aside to dispose of a commen threat to both the Fjerdam and the Grisha. They finally reach the town of Djerholm and set to work on their plan to enter the jail. After a solid meal and a quick nip they secretly stop a carriage on the way to the prison and swap out six passengers and replace themselves as them. Everything is going to plan. They get into the jail and pass through all of the safety checkpoints. Soon their plan is put into action and they escape with the help of Jesper, who we find out is a Fabrikator. With the team splitting off with Nina and Kaz going to search the higher cells for Bo Yul-Bayur while the other head to the incinerator so Inej can climb out the top and send a rope down. But not all goes to plan. Kaz and Nina split up and when it's time to meet up to join the others Kaz is nowhere to be seen so Nina has to go it alone but it soon discovered and sets off the alarm bells. In the other camp the group has found that the incinerator had been used that day and is boiling hot which means that some of their plan can't be put in action. But Inej persists and starts the climb but struggles immensely with the heat, which burns her slippers to her skin. Just as she is about to give up and feels herself falling it starts to rain and it gives her the strength to move on. Meanwhile Kaz I has his own agenda and at the end of Part 4 we learn that he has been searching for Pekka Rollins and has found him. 

Part 4 is very short but has so much information packed into it. I loved learning more about Kaz. I now understand him a lot more and can sympathise a little bit more with him. But I'm itching to know what happens next.

Goodreads week 3 Questions
1. We see a lot of anti-magic views from the Fjerdans- what's your take on magic from Six of Crows? (I.e. Nina, Fjerdan, Jurda Parem) if you have read the original Grisha Triology, did your view change?
am really enjoying the magic side of the story. Maybe that's because a lot of the magic we are really seeing is from Nina and it's all for the mission so she is doing it for a reason and not just because she wants to. Although I don't like the idea of the Jurda Parem being used on Grisha. It seems that it's too strong for them and what they turn into is really good for no one. 

As for the Fjerdan I think they are basically just scared of the unknown and instead of getting to know the Grisha or understand their powers they are just tying to eradicate them so they feel like they have won.

2. Why do you think Inej stayed with the Dregs? She has these epic skills for hiding and keeping silent, but she didn't use them to go home after she was no longer chained to The Peacock.
I think she stayed with the Dregs out of loyalty and pride. She basically wants to pay back every cent that Kaz paid for her release and square everything off before she leaves. I also think it's because she feels a bit safe and like she has a family with the Dregs. Also of course I'm pretty sure she habours some serious feelings for Kaz.

3. What do you think happened with Kaz and Pekka Rollins?
I'm in two minds here. I either think that he beats the crap out of him and leaves him for dead or convinces him to join their team and guarantees his freedom only if Pekka gives up everything in return.

That's it for week 3. Stay tuned for the last week of my read along.