Thoughts on Bookshelves (early morning thoughts)

ok everyone,

I have decided to write a post about bookshelves and how people arrange their books within these bookshelves. I have noticed a lot on Instagram that people arrange their books by colour. This means that all of the white spine books go together, the blue, the red you get the pictur. I really don't understand why people do this and it really irritates me. I get that people think that it looks pretty and it does but how do you know where a full series of a book series is if they aren't together? You would have to go through every single shelf just to find thout books that your after. And as if you go up to your shelves and go hmm today I think I'll pick a yellow book to read.

Personally I prefer to put my books in alphabetical order by author. I then know where each book is and all of the books in a series will be placed together so are easy to find. My sister loves that I do this and constantly comes along and puts books out of order just to spite me and make me irritated (which of course it does). I also don't mind the idea of putting them in genre shelves. That way if you want to read a specific genre you can just go to that shelf and decide from there.

How do you have your shelves in your bookcase?