My First Book Club read-along. YAY

Date a Book is Hachette ANZ Ya Hub. It is where we can find all the latest news on YA books that are being released or anything YA related. I quite often go onto their website to find out all of the latest news. Date a Book recently joined Goodreads and started their own book club, Date a Book YA book Club. I was ecstatic when I heard about this and immediately became friends with them and joined the book club. This is my first book club and my first read along which I am so excited about and My excitement only grew when I learnt that the first book we would be reading together as a group was Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo. 

The book club details

I Had never read Six of Crows before or (SOC as the book community often call it) any books by Leigh Bardugo but I had heard such amazing things about them all. I didn't have a copy of the book yet but Date A Book were running a competition so I entered, I also got my library to order a copy in for me (but unfortunately it could take weeks as they had to order it from another library) and I sent an email to my contact at Hachette asking if they had a spare copy that they could send my way for review and so I could read long with the book club. I didn't hear anything from anyone so I ordered myself a copy from Booktopia so that I could defiantly be ready for the starting date. Then on the day before it started I still had no copies that morning when suddenly my postman turns up. He had five parcels for me, with two of them being bookmail. One was my Booktopia order so I finally had a copy of the book and the other happened to have a copy of SOC from the publisher. I now had two copies of the book (I'm giving the other copy to my sister-in-law for her birthday because she has been eyeing off my copy since I got it) and you will never guess what happened when I went to the library the next day. Yeah you guessed it my copy that I had ordered in was there. So I was all set.

Week one- Parts 1&2
So I eagerly began Six of Crows and I was really enjoying. Then I got a letter from my real estate agent saying that I was having a house inspection. Well I went into melt down mode and turned on my cleaning mode. Having three kids, one being a 14 month old, it's hard to keep the house as clean as I would like so unfortunately my reading got pushed to the back burner. I finally finished parts one and two today. I am absolutely loving the book and don't want to out it down. 
So every week we have some questions that we can discuss with everyone. This weeks questions are below:
Here are my answers:
1. If this is your first time reading a Leigh Bardugo novel, what is your initial impression of the world? If you have read the Grisha Triolofy, how does this compare to Alina's story?
This is my first time reading a Leigh Bardugo book and I am absolutely devouring this story. I am loving the world of Ketterdam and can't wait to explore more of the world. I'm particularly interested to read more about the Ice Court and get to know our characters more especially Inej and Nina.

2. Do you think Kaz is a sympathetic character?
Right now I don't believe that Kaz is a very sympathetic character, although he did show a little bit of emotion when it came to what happened to Inej right before they boarded the ship. Maybe he will change throughout this mission.

So I'm now onto Part 3 so stay tuned for my next update