Book Review: Who's Afraid Too? By Maria Lewis

Who's Afraid Too?
Author: Maria Lewis
Publisher: Hachette Australia
Pages: 338 pages
Release date: January 2017
R.R.P: $29.99
Tommie Grayson: all bark, all bite... and now she's BACK?

Tommi Grayson's never exactly been a normal girl. Bright blue hair, a a mysterious past and barely controlled rage issues have a way of making a woman stand out. She really wanted to find out about her father's side of the family, but now, after the sh*t show that was her family reunion, Tommi needs to get gone. She's spent the last few week trying to understand her heritage- the one that comes with a side order of fur as well as her Maori history and how she can connect to it.

But she can only escape for so long- when an unspeakable even, thought long destroyed, returns, Tommi needs every bit of the skills she's learned. With the help of allies both old and new (including the immortal and incredibly attractive Lorcan), she's going to take th fight to the enemy...

From Scotland to New Zealand and on to Berlin, Germany- wherever Tommi goes the fur is sure to fly.

My review
Thoughts on the book: I loved being back in the supernatural world that Maria Lewis created for us back in book 1 and being back for the ride that is known as our main character's, Tommi's life. In book 2 we are off to Berlin, Germany where Lorcan is introducing Tommi to the Rogues, a group of werewolves who have all left their packs and decided to go solo, where she is to learn survival tips for being a loan werewolf. Everything is going great guns and Tommi is improving and excelling at basically everything that is thrown her way until the group learn about some babies being kidnapped. Suddenly the group is on high alert as its confirmed that a foe that was thought to be wiped out, is suddenly back and very much alive. Now with the help of their new friends, and some old for Lorcan, they must work out who this new foe is working for and why. Little do they know that the answer if literally under their noses, just like Tommi and Lorcan's relationship.

So I have a little confession to make here. I have a feeling that when I was actually reading Who's Afraid Too that I was actually in a bit of a reading slump because while reading and upon finishing the book I felt like I didn't like it nearly as much as I should have and was actually really disappointed because I had loved book 1 so much and waa expecting to feel the same about book 2. But having waited a couple of days to process the book and to now write the review I have a completely drifter end feeling towards the book than before. I really actually enjoyed it and looking back now I remember why I loved this world and the characters and have done a complete 360. The last 20 or so pages had me hanging on to the edge of my seat waiting to see what would happen and what did happen means that there is defiantly going to be a book 3. So I will be lining up to get my copy because I can't wait to see where Tommi's next adventure takes us. Please Maria let Lorcan and Tommi have a semi happily ever after.

Rating: 4/5