Book Review: But Then I Came Back by Estelle Laure

But then I came back
Author: Estelle Laure
Publisher: Orchard books
Pages: 400 pages
Eden has always let her head lead the way. It's why she excels at ballet, at school, and at life in general. But when she nearly drowns and then wakes from a month-long coma, everything is different. She's troubled by dreams that seem more real than waking life, and her neat cookie-cutter existence is no longer satisfying. Unable to stifle her passionate heart anymore, she finds herself drawn to a boy with melting-chocolate eyes, and to a future different to what she ever imagined. That's when Eden discovers that when it comes to love, first you fall, then you have to leap.

My review
Thoughts on the book: I had no idea that But Then I Came Back was a sequel. Having never heard of the first book before, This Raging Light, it wasn't until I posted something on Instagram about starting this book that someone told me about the first book and how much they had loved it. It made me really excited to read But Then I Came Back then but unfortunately for some reason I struggled all the way through the book. 

I think my struggle mainly came from the fact that I found the main character quite boring and her it's all about me attitude a bit much. I understand that the author was trying to make it seem as if Eden was a very strong willed and focused person before the coma and then she changed into a more softer character after but that wasn't how I saw it at all. I found the more she was changing the more boring she seemed to get. I hate saying all this but that's just how I feel. 

I did however like the little bits from the book Almost Dead: True stories of the Afterlife that were put in about what other people had experienced. I found them to be a nice break from the story and kind of wish there were a few more throughout the book.

I will be attempting to read the first book in the series This Raging Light soon as I have read a lot of people loved it and have found this book very flat compared to it.

Rating: 3/5