Book Club Read Along Week 2


Well we are up to Week 2 of the first Book Club read-along, Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo, thanks to Date a Book over on Goodreads. This week we had to read Part 3 Heartsick and here are my thoughts on this part and my answers to the Goodreads questions Date a Book posted.

At the end of Part 2 our six dangerous outcasts had narrowly escaped Ketterdam with their lives after being attacked by a crew sent by Pekka Rollins. In this part of the book we are mostly on the boat travelling to the Ice Courts. I really liked these chapters as we got to learn a lot of the background surrounding four of our main characters: Nina, Matthjas, Kaz and Inej. I now feel that I know these characters a lot more and understand to a degree what makes them tick and why they are the way they are with certain situations. I still feel very in the dark about Wylan and Jesper and am wondering if maybe one of these two is the mole in the group. I'm leaning more towards Jesper though as he could quite easily owe to much money to someone and have to trade information to help keep himself alive. I think Wylan is just an easy conclusion some people would make to be a mole. I'm looking forward to reading more and finding out what happens next.

Week 2 Goodreads Questions
1. Lay it on us- who are your favourite characters so far? Why do they stand out for you?
I think my fa our ute characters would have to be Nina and Matthias and Wylan. Wylan mainly because he intrigues me because he is still so mysterious as we know nothing about him and he hasn't even had his own chapter yet (does he even get one? I hope so). I also like Nina and Matthias is Part 3 because we now know their background and why their relationship is the way it is and they both believe in their causes that they are fighting for despite being challenged in ways that might set people in the opposite direction. I'm hoping they continue to attempt to get along more in the rest of the book. I'm guessing they end up together.

2. If you could be any character/have any of their skills, which would it be?
That's easy I would be Inej for her stealthy ways. Her skills would be amazing to sneak around at night around our house where our kids wake up at the slightest sound.

3. Who do you trust the most and who do you trust the least out of the gang at this point?
Hmm this is hard. I can't say that I trust anyone but if I had to pick one maybe Kaz. He seems to have everything planned out fairly well, with backup plans in place too. And who do I trust the least it would have to be Jesper only because I feel like I don't know too much about him and with his gambling he could have debts anywhere that can be called in at any time.

Hope you enjoyed this weeks instalment stay tuned for Week 3.