Blog Tour and Book Review: Girl in Between by Anna Daniels

I was lucky enough to be approached by Allen and Unwin to be apart of this amazing blog tour. I Seriously can't thank them enough for this amazing opportunity (even if my post is a little late).

Girl in Between
Author: Anna Daniels
Publisher: Arena Allen and Unwin
Pages: 311 pages
Release date: 1/05/2017
R.R.P: $29.99
Lucy Crighton has just moved in with some gregarious housemates called Brian and Denise... Who are her parents. She's also the proud mother of Glenda, her beloved 10-year-old... Kelpie. And she has absolutely no interest in the dashing son of her parents' new next-door neighbour... Well, maybe just a little...

As the girl in between relationships, careers, cities, Lucy is facing some awkward truths- like her mum's obsession with Cher, her fathe's unsolicited advice, and the probability there's more cash on the floor of her parent's car then in her own bank account.

Thank goodness for Lucy's crazy-but-wonderful best friend, Rosie, who's around to cushion reality with wild nights at the local Whipcrack Hotel, escapades in Japanese mud baths, and double dating under the Christmas lights in London.

But will Lucy work out what she really wants to do in life- and who she wants to share it with?

My Review
Thoughts on the book: You know that feeling when you start a book and you know right from the first moment that your going to love it, well that was the feeling I got with Girl in Between and it certainly wasn't wrong. Filled with the hilarious moments of Lucy's life  and plenty of Cher quotes and daggy parent moments you will be laughing a mile a minute and won't be able to stop reading until the end. 

There are so many people who would be able to relate to our main character Lucy and the struggles she goes through. Lucy is your typical girl who has entered her 30's and doesn't know where her life is heading: she is living back home with her parents, has no job, no money and no love life to speak of but she has her trusty best friend, Rosie and her kelpie by her side. Throughout the book we cry, laugh, cheer, fall in love and feel Lucy's pain and are left with a very satisfying outcome that everyone will be happy with.

I'm going to leave this review with one of my favourite moments from the book that left me laughing for ages. But first a bit about this part of the book. Lucy and her mum have been swimming and as Lucy is getting changed she realises that she has forgotten to pack spare undies. Needless to say they have an appointment at the vets which can't wait so she has to go commando until her dad can bring her a spare pair:
'I'm still giggling as I drive Mum's car to Pets and Vets, amused by the prospect of getting around town without any underwear.
"You would b wearing the shortest dress you own too, wouldn't you?" says Mum, indulging me with a chuckle.
"And no bra!" I add, successfully nailing a parallel park.
I open the door of Mum's low-rider Audi, and as I'm flinging my legs to the bitumen I look across and see a council worker on a little dirt devil doing roadworks. His eyeline is literally at crotch level and I gasp as he loses control of his pedals and bunny-hops through the potholes.'

Rating: 4/5

About the Author

Anna Daniels has enjoyed great success as a comedic storyteller since kicking off her career by winning the ABC's 'Comedy Segment of the Year Award' for an interview with Russel Crowe. She then went on to co-create the ABC's first online sketch comedy series 'Tough at the Top' with Melbourne comedian, Anne Edmonds. For several years Anna wrote and presented funny upbeat stories for The Project, winning over viewers with her warm, silly, endearing style.

Having grown up in Rockhampton, she particularly championed the stories and characters of rural and regional Australia with affection and humour. As well as The Project, Anna has written, presented and/or produced radio, TV and online content for Queensland Weekender, Red Symons' Breakfast Show, and the BBC One series, 'John Bishop's Australia'. Anna continues to report for The Project and often presents on ABC Radio Brisbane.

• Twitter: @annadtweets
• Insta: @annamdaniels
• Website:

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