Book Review: London Bound By CJ Duggan

London Bound
Author: CJ Duggan
Publisher: Hachette Australia
Pages: 265 pages
R.R.P: $17.99
Publication date: April 2017
When London calls you answer.

Like so many of her university friends, Kate Brown is London bound, but unlike her friends- who had the chance to enjoy beer, sights and attractions of the U.K.- Kate is instead visiting her grandmother (who may or may not be the devil).

Wanting nothing more than to be normal, independent twenty-something loving it up in Ol' London Town, Kate finds herself a prisoner in her grandmother's Kensington terrace, daydreaming about the holiday that could have been. But when Kate is almost run over by the ridiculously good looking Jack Baker, it leaves her wondering if being out and about is such a good idea after all, especially when she catches herself laughing at his jokes.

One thing Kate knows for sure is that she has to avoid Jack at all costs. But wig her balcony facing his, you can pretty much guarantee Kate's London adventure is going to be anything but boring...

My Review
Thoughts on the book:  London Bound is the third stand alone novel in the Heart of City series by C.J. Duggan. It is centred around a young Aussie girl Kate Brown, who has travelled to London to be her elderly grandmothers companion. She is a keen blogger who had high hopes of expanding her blog to include her many travelling adventures while in London, or so she thought. Since arriving she has barely been out of the house and has done nothing right so far in her grandmothers eyes. Then there is her annoyingly handsome neighbour who nearly ran her over on their first meeting. But then one day Kate enters the secret room that she isn't supposed to and everything changes.

I have loved the City of Heart series and was eagerly awaiting book 3 London Bound. When I finally had it in my hands I read it straight away and unfortunately I would have to say that it is my least favourite of the three. I'm not entirely sure why exactly I didn't like it as much but I just felt that it wasn't as strong as the others, especially the ending. Spoiler alert ahead This may have something to do with the fact that there is no big chase scene at the end of the book like the previous two. Yes there is a big reveal and both Jack and Kate have some mega thinking to do but it wasn't close to the other two. I did like that all of the main girl characters were from Australia though.

I have ordered Paradise City so I am going to try her other series too.

Rating: 3/5