Sorry for not posting

Hi everyone,
Just thought I would write a quick blog post to let everyone know what I have been up to and why I haven't done many posts lately. Unfortunately we have had a few things happen in our household with one of my boys suffering some burns from spilling his hot dinner all over his leg to the whole family suffering gastro. It was the worst as one person would have it and then a day would go by and we would think we would be in the clear and then the next person would get it. Presently I'm the on,y person who hasn't had it yet so fingers crossed it doesn't happen.
On the plus side I have been getting a little reading done and have been making a dint in my TBR pile as I haven't had any new books come in. Anyway that's about all for now. Onto my reading and reviewing. I have posted two new reviews today so check them out and more will follow soon.