Book Review: The New Order by Chris Weitz

The New Order
Author: Chris Weitz
Publisher: Atom
RRP: $16.99
Pages: 307 pages
They thought they were the only ones left.
They were wrong.
After the dramatic close to The Young World, Donna and Jefferson are separated. Jefferson returns to NYC and tries to bring a cure to the Sickness back to the Washington Square tribe, while Donna finds herself in England, facing an unimaginable new world. Can the two reunite and prevent an even greater disaster than the Sickness?

My review
Thoughts on the book:               
The New Order is the second book in the Young World trilogy and basically starts where book one left off. I devoured book one in this trilogy and couldn't wait to start book two to see where I would be lead to next with both the story and the setting and I certainly wasn't disappointed with what I read.

We once again follow Jefferson and Donna as they continue their journey to bring a cure to end the Sickness that swept the nation or rather didn't in fact actually wipe out the nation, it seems it only affected America. We learn this from the people who took the gang from The Island and who now hold them all captive aboard their ship. Suddenly after learning everything that has happened since e Sickness started the young heroes are separated after a rescue mission goes wrong and leaves Jefferson on a helicopter heading for New York and Donna headed to England as a prisoner. Many surprises await both of them as they navigate their new lives apart. Will they ever get to have a happy ending together?

We once again have our main POV of Jefferson and Donna but we also get to experience The world through Peter and Brainbox's eyes and a character who we believed was dead in book 1 (who I'm not going to name). It was really interesting to see how theses POV were written for each and they were basically spot on with how I would have expected their voices to be. Brainbox's was very hard to read as it contained no punctuation, with each page being one long continuous sentence, but that's how you kind of expected it to be.

Once again we are left on a cliffhanger, although this one doesn't seem as big as the first book for me. I can't wait to see where the final book takes us and am eagerly looking forward to preordering it.

Interesting Quote from the book:
“Presidents make history. I'm just a tool of history.” 

Rating: 5/5