Book Review: Wolfblood: Pull of the Moon

Wolfblood: Pull of the Moon
Author: Robert Rigby
Publisher: Piccadilly Press
Pages: 223 pages
Based on the smash hit Wolfblood series

They're no ordinary teenagers

Maddy Smith has a secret- a very closely guarded secret. She's a Wolfblood- her family transforms into wolves at full moon, and one day Maddy will too. Maddy is fiercely proud of her heritage and powers and tries to lead as normal a life as possible, but it's not easy. Her best friend Shannon is determined to track down the 'beast of the moors', and other schoolmates are starting to get suspicious. Then a stranger steps into her life, Rhydian, and she realises with shock that he is just like her. Together Maddy and Rhydian must hide their secret from even their closest friends, or the ancient Wolfblood race could be in deadly danger...

My Review
Thoughts on the book: When I first started reading again after having my first child I got right in to paranormal books and stories about werewolves were some of my favourites, of course I loved vampires too. I haven't actually read any for awhile so when the opportunity came up to reviewthe first book in a werewolf series aimed at children I thought how could I pass it up. Plus it was based on a tv series about it. Unlike many of the reviews that I have read regarding Pull of the Moon I haven't actually seen the to series but upon reading it am thinking that I actually will.

Pull of the Moon is the first book about the to series Wolfblood. It is based on fourteen year old Maddy Smith, for all purposes a normal teen, that is until she follows in her parents footsteps and becomes a werewolf. But for now Maddy is a normal girl going about her normal life, that is if locking your parents up in he basement on full moon is normal for you. Everything is going smoothly until a stranger comes to town and nearly ruins everything for Maddy and her family.

From the first sentence in the Prologue, 'The full moon hung like a bloated silver ball in the night sky, casting a ghostly light on the farmhouse and the desolate moorland.' To the first page of chapter one you will be laughing out loud and hooked.
Maddy had slept late; it was hardly surprising. She hurried down the stairs dressed in her school clothes, but shoeless. Pausing momentarily at a second staircase leading to the cellar door, she though back to the previous evening. With a sigh and a shake of her head she continued on down to the cellar.
The darkness was illuminated by a single light bulb. Maddy took a bunch of keys from a nail in the brickwork. Three locks clicked open one after another and then Maddy pulled back the heavy door.
Her mum and dad, Emma no and Daniel, stood waiting in their den, beneath the moon-like glow of a light hanging from the low ceiling. Both parents looked more than a little guilty as they smiled a sheepish good morning to their daughter.
Daniel rubbed his stomach. 'I think that chicken was off.' 
Maddy had no sympathy. 'I can't believe you! Breaking out and raiding the bins!'
The plot line is very simple to follow and allows for some great adventures to be had, and this is only the first book in the series, and easy dialogue between characters. As for the characters themselves, I found that they are all very relatable and work well together. They all seem to have different backgrounds which I think makes them work so well together. I can't wait to read the rest of the series and might even try watching the to series.

Rating: 4/5