Book review: Starlight stables #1 Pony Detectives

Starlight Stables #1 Pony Detectives
Author: Soraya Nicholas
Publisher: Penguin Teen Australia
Pages: 181 pages
RRP: $12.99

Poppy is thrilled to be back doing the one if she loves- riding horses at Starlight Stable- especially when her aunt and uncle make all her dreams come true with a gift of her very own horse. But there's a catch... Poppy must look after the new scholarship girls.mwill the bold and troublesome Milly and shy, sensible Katie be the pony-mad friends she's always hoped for?

When horse go missing from the local farms, Poppy worries about Crystal, her new horse. Will the girls be able to protect their ponies from the horse thief and find the missing horses at the same time?

My Review
Thoughts on the book: Horse and Pony lovers unite. Move over Saddle Club there is a new Australian horse series in town for young horse crazy girls. When I was younger I was horse mad and read as many horse stories as I could get my hands on, a trait I seem to have passed onto my horse crazy daughter it seems. So whenever a chance comes along to review a horse book I quickly accept, it doesn't matter if it is aimed at younger readers or older readers.

Pony Decteives is the first book in a new series based on three horse mad girls who quickly form a friendship based on their love of horses, sound familar? Besides the fact that most of the horse series you read are about three horse crazy friends, Pony Pals and Saddle Club I'm talking about you, Starlight Stables holds its own. Set on Poppy's Aunt and Uncles farm, Pony Detectives introduces us to the three main characters, Poppy, Katie and Milly, their horses Crystal, Cody and Joe, secondary characters Uncle Mark and Aunt Sophie and the general layout of the farm. We also have the mystery of the missing horses, which of course the girls believe they can solve. Everyone can relate to this story in someway.

Starlight Stables is the perfect series for young horse lovers to read. I think it is a good series to read after reading the Pony Pal series but before starting to read The Saddle Club as it doesn't feel as long and the text is easier for them to read.  It is a fantastically quick read for us older people and a story that I will defiantly be recommending to my daughter when she is a littl older.

Rating: 4/5