Book Review: Searching for Beautiful by Jennifer Probst

Searching for Beautiful
Author: Jennifer Probst
Publisher: Gallery Books
RRP: $16.00
Pages: 472 pages
Devoted surgeon, Genevieve MacKenzie has planned every detail of her high-profile wedding- except for the runaway bride part... Moments before marrying the handsome hospital chief who appeared to be her perfect match, Gen high tails it out of a church window. Also unplanned: landing in the arms of tattooed bad-boy best friend, Wolfe, who whisks her away to a cozy cabin for some downtime while he handles damage control. But their comfortable bond is complicated by one explosive kiss that sets their desire on a slow burn. And when Gen makes a fresh start with a job at Kinnections, the hot matchmaking agency in Verily, New York, she and Wolfe need to discover something about their connection: Will platonic perks outmatch the risks of getting burned- by playing with the fires of passion?

My review
Thoughts on the book: Searching for Beautiful is the third book in the Searching For series by Jennifer Probst. It features Genevieve, best friend to Kate and seems to have everything you could possibly want in life- perfect career, amazing fianc√©e and just about to have the most beautiful wedding ever, and Wolfe, the bad boy of this series and the guy Nate taught to play golf and fast became friends, who we have both got snippets about throughout the previous two books but didn't know too much about either of them. Well we certainly do now. 

Searching for Beautiful captures you from the first pages:
She had to get out of her.
Genevieve MacKenzie bent at the waist and tried to gulp in air. The filmy, delicate veil brushed her face like a dozen fingers bent on tickle torture. Panic clawed at her gut, and she reached up and ripped off the pearl-encrusted lace, placed her hand on her knees, and prayed for sanity.
I mean after reading that who wouldn't want to delve right into this story and what a story it is. I never would have expected both of these main characters to have the story that each tells, especially Wolfe. I feel so sorry for him and can't imagine how someone could go through that and live each day the way he does. Genvieve and Wolfe are survivors and I think that the issues that are raised in this book, like the other two, will be relevant to some people and hopefully by reading this story will help these people know that they are not alone and that you can make it out the other side happier and healthier.

Of course we all knew that there was a spark between Wolfe and Gen and I'm sure I'm not the only one that yelled at them both throughout this book and the previous ones to just hook up already. To me it was crystal clear that they were both meant for each other, not matter what their pasts contained, and completed each other. This was never more evident then when Gen chose to run away from her wedding with Wolfe and spend her would be wedding night with him. He knew how to look after her and comfort her.

I found it weird that we get to see Genevieve's story before Arilyn's. Arilyn, Kennedy and Kate are the original three who opened Kinnections so I would have expected those to be he first three books in the series and any other characters after that. But that's just how I would have liked it to go. But in saying this one good thing about this series is that you can just pick up one of the books and read it and not really need to know what has happened in the previous books for it to make sense. Each one could be a stand alone novel and I can't wait to read the last book in the series: Searching for Always.

Favourite quotes:
“Sometimes the hardest, bravest thing in the world is to let someone love you.” 

“I’m not going in the water with bad things out to hurt me! I saw Scooby-Doo! Curse of the Lake Monster with Lily! No way in hell!” 

Rating: 5/5 without a doubt. I love this series and don't want it to end