Book Review: Moth Girls by Anne Cassidy

CMoth Girls
Author: Anne Cassidy
Publisher: Hot Key Books
Pages: 284 pages

Helplessly drawn like moths to the flame

Five years have passed since two young girls, Petra Armstrong and Tina Pointer, went missing. As the anniversary draws nearer, Mandy is haunted by the night her two best friends disappeared- what started off as a dare ending with them vanishing without a trace. As Mandy's memories are ignited once again, disturbing details resurface in her mind and she realises she must seek out the truth.

An emotional thriller that explores our deepest, darkest fears. How far would you go to find your two best friends?

My Review
Thoughts on the book: I was quite surprised when I received this book in the post as I wasn't expecting it and upon reading what it was about I dove right into it. Moth Girls tells the story of how Petra Armstrong and Tina Pointer, two out of three best friends, suddenly go missing one night after entering a property as part of a dare. Now five years later that property is being torn down so a new development can go there and it is bringing up all the old memories for the lone survivor of the of the trio, Mandy. Mandy thinks that she might have missed something after all these years and tries to figure out what happened to her two best friends that might. What follows is an enchanting mystery that is told in the past and present by Mandy and one of the missing girls Petra. Soon you are so caught up in the mystery that you don't know that you are flicking through the the pages faster than ever until you hit that final page.

I thoroughly enjoyed this mystery storyline and found that it was quite easy to follow and also had me not guessing straight away (or really at all) what had happened to the two girls on that fatal night. Upon finding out I was quite shocked but found that all of the questions that I had were answered and that the storyline was wrapped up quite neatly. I defiantly could empathise with them two main storytellers. I felt sorry for everything that Mandy went through with her best friends disappearance and I don't know that I could have coped and kept on going the way she did. It was fantastic to see though that she never gave up hope of finding out what happened to her two friends and I would hope I would be like that too. I also felt for Petra, who felt like she was loosing her best friend when Mandy entered the picture. It's not like she had the best upbringing with her dad and when she finds something she likes she latches onto it and basically lets nothing get in her way. To have someone else come in and try and take the one thing away, or even share that one thing you care about the most can be very hard and that's what happened with Petra. She really couldn't except Mandy into her life and always felt jealous when she was around.

Moth Girls has everything you could want in a YA novel, never ending friendship, mystery, love interests and general teenage issues. 

Rating: 3/5