Book Review: What I Saw by Beck Nicholas

What I Saw
Author: Beck Nicholas
Publisher: Harlequin Teen Australia
Pages: 301 pages
Callie Jones is not the kind of girl who gets drunk at school dances, and certainly not now, with her scholarship on the line. And she defiantly doesn't hang around with bad boys like Rhett Barker. Especially alone, at night. But these are the circumstances she finds herself in when she witnesses a king hit that lands the town's golden boy in a coma. 

With his reputation, no one is less surprised than Rhett when he is accused if throwing the punch. But he didn't do it. And he knows Callie saw what really went down. He just has to convince the 'ice princess' to come forward and talk to the police- except, for once, good girl Callie doesn't seem all that interested in telling the truth. Just what is she hiding, and why?

Drawn together by secrets, scandal and heartache, Callie and Rhett find themselves getting closer- even as the solution to their problems gets further away.

My Review
Thoughts on the book: What an amazingly relevant book to this day and age. What I Saw should be out into every school's English curriculum to help raise awareness of the tradgy that goes along with under age drinking and the life threatening cowardly king hits that are occurring more and more. Beck Nicholas is a leading voice in youth issues and should be highly recommended to everyone.

What I Saw tells the amazing story of how one night not only threatened to ruin two boys lives because of one cowardly drunken punch, but also many lives around them because so many people were willing to bend the rules to keep their butts out of trouble. It's really hard to write this review without going into too much detail as I don't want to give the plot line away but it is a truly fascinating story that will have you gripping your book until the very last page wondering what is going to happen. 

It is told from the POV of good girl, Callie Jones and bad boy Rhett Barker. Now I know that the good girl gets drawn to bad boy scenario has been written about plenty of times before and some people will look at this and go, 'we'll I'm not going to read it because I've read it all before.' To those people I say don't be stupid. This is a different take on it all together and it actually reminds me a bit of the TV show Heartland. In Heartland Tye is the bad boy who comes to the farm and ends up wanting to be a vet and turns his life around, so he is a bit like Rhett and Amy in the TV show is always doing the right thing and wants to help everyone, like Callie.

I think this should be on everyone's  TBR pile this year and should be widely talked about throughout not only the book community but the youth everywhere.

Rating: 5/5

Sorry the review isn't that long but I really didn't want to give too much away