2016 Reading Challenges

So this year I have signed up for two reading challenges.

Number one is of course the Goodreads Reading Challenge where I am hoping to read 70 books this year. Last year I had 60 as my goal and I passed that within the last month. I have already read 2 books so far for the year so am feeling confident that I will be able to complete this goal, however it may change once the baby comes as I may have to slow down a bit.

Number two is one I read about on the Facebook group page Aussie Ya Bloggers and Readers and was thought up by Maddie from The Girly Geek Blog. It's called the 2016 Bookish Bingo Challenge and is designed to get readers into trying new and different books that they might not normally go for.  I have a few books in mind for some of the squares already and can't wait to start crossing them off. 
Here is the link to the page with all the information on it:

Here is the bingo sheet to complete. I will be doing a month by month update on this post of my progress in the challenges so keep an eye out for these