Book Review: Wild Hearts by Jessica Burkhart

Wild Hearts
Author: Jessica Burkhart
Publisher: Bloomsbury Australia
Pages: 339  pages
Wild Hearts (If Only . . ., #4) 
If only... their fathers didn't hate each other
Brie Carter's father's land- development business has taken their family all over the world, so she's lived in some pretty amazing places. And while people haven't always been welcoming, Brie never expected the entire town of Lost Springs, Wyoming, to protest their arrival. Brie's father's hotel will bring business to the area, but the locals consider the costs- displacement of the native mustang population- too high.
Brie has always stayed out of her father's personal business. But then she meets Logan, a gorgeous local who has a special connection to the mustangs and introduces her to their fierce beauty. Before she knows it, she's fallen for the guy and the horses. However, with Logan's dad leading the protests and Brie's father refusing to back down, finding a way to save both her family's company and the mustang's seems impossible. Is Brie and Logan's love doomed before it even starts?

My Review
Thoughts on the book: Wild Hearts is the 4th book in Bloomsbury's If Only series. It is written by Jessica Burkhart who also writes the Canterwood Crest series which I have the first four of to read. Wild Hearts tells the story of Brie who comes to Lost Springs, Wyoming because her father's business is building a new hotel there. But they aren't exactly met with friendly townspeople. The townspeople are against this new hotel, even though it would bring in more money and visitors to the area, because of the wild mustang population which roams freely on the site that the proposed hotel is to be built. Enter cowboy Logan who sweeps Brie off her feet and gets her involved in working with the mustangs. The only thing is Logan's dad is the main person behind the protests against Brie's dad.
I absolutely loved Wild Hearts and have since reading it found myself devouring anything to do with horses. I'm currently watching the tv show Heartland (which is about helping lost cause horses heal) and am looking at starting the author's other series, Canterwood Crest. I loved that the author wasn't really all about young love, but actually brought into the storyline something that is an issue today, being the wild mustangs and how they are loosing their homes to expanding cities. I think what Logan and Brie do with the mustangs that they caught and trained was truly amazing and I really wish that there was a second book to follow this one as I would love to see where the mustangs are when Brie returns to Lost Springs.
Overall it is a fantastic read, that a lot of reviewers think is really juvenile but which I thought was the right amount for the age the book is set at, that horse lovers will devour.

Favourite quote/passage:
'But I didn't need photos to remind me of Logan. Holden, or the rest of the town. I had my memories for that.'

Rating: 5/5