Book Review: Stay With Me by Maureen McCarthy

Stay With MeTe
Author: Maureen McCarthy
Publisher: Allen and Unwin
Stay With Me
Try to leave and I will find you.
There is nothing to say to this because I know he means it. There would be all kinds of ways of disposing of a body on this property. No one knows me anymore...
Tess knows she's got to get away. If not for herself, then for her three-year-old daughter. But how?
Stuck on a farm in the hills outside Byron Bay, she has no car, no friends and no money- not even a phone.
Then suddenly a chance meeting with a stranger offers her a way out... a road trip back home to the family she lost contact with years ago.
But if she goes, what will be waiting for her there?

My Review
My thoughts on the book: Stay With Me tells the very real story of every girl's worst nightmare; the boyfriend that you thought was perfect turning out to actually be a very abusive person. It is a very relevant read in this day and age as everyday you seem to watch the news, pick up a newspaper or read somewhere online about another person being in an abusive relationship and the outcome of what has happened to the one being abused. I think every girl should read this book and take a real hard look at the relationships that they are in or thinking of being in and sit and think is this the way I deserve to be treated. I actually think this would be a prefect book for schools to bring into their curriculum. 
I think everyone will defiantly feel for the main character, Tess and a lot of people may even identify with her. Tess really believes that she has met the man of her dreams when she meets Jay, an older guy. Even when he first starts taking control of her life she thinks it's just him being nice and wanting to make the best life for her. You will be cheering Tess along when she finally escapes Jay and will laugh at her little girls antics throughout the book and will have tears running down your eyes near the end of the book when the unthinkable happens.  Everyone will defiantly take something away when they read Stay With Me.

Rating: 4.5/5