Blog Tour Stop and Book Review: Pieces of Trinity

Pieces of Sky
Author: Trinity Doyle
Publisher:  Allen & Unwin
Lucy's life was going as smoothly as any teenager's could. She was the state backstroke champion, and swimming was her world. She lived with her parents and her brother, Cam, in the small coastal town she'd known all her life. She had friends, she had goals- she had a life.
Now Cam is dead, her parents might as well be- and Lucy can't bear to get back in the pool. All she has to look forward to now is a big pile of going-nowhere.
Drawn to Steffi, the wild ex-best friend who reminds her of her artist brother, and music-obsessed Evan, the new boy in town, Lucy starts asking questions. Why did Cam die? Was it an accident or suicide? But as Lucy hunts for answers she discovers much more than she expects. About Cam. About her family. About herself.

My Review
Thoughts on the book: Pieces of Sky is the fantastically written debut novel from Trinity Doyle which tackles some fantastic topics such as losing a loved one, depression and trying to overcome a trauma that has affected your life. The main character in the story is Lucy and she is easily loveable and someone that many people would easily be able to relate to; she is friendly, nice and easygoing. She has lived a relatively easy life until her brother dies and upon this happening she really reflects on her life and makes the changes that she needs to make herself a better person. 
There were two things within the book that really brought it home for me as a fantastic read; the fact that she was a swimmer and that it was written in the setting of Australia. Being a swimmer myself I could identify with Lucy and how she was feeling with not being able to get back into the pool because all she could picture was her brother drowning and that happening to her. Although personally I couldn't imagine being away from the water I could defiantly see where she was coming from. Also being Australian I loved the fact that it was set here and when places were being spoke of I could immediately identify with them and know what the author was portraying.  

Rating: 4/5

Interview with author Trinity Doyle
What was your main inspiration for writing Pieces of Sky?
I wanted to write something beautiful and sad and to help keep me in that feeling I pulled a lot from music and photography. You can check out my tumblr ( to see some of my inspiration collection. 
Who is your favourite character from Pieces of Sky?
Oh, don’t make me choose! I love them all but probably Steffi, I had so much fun writing her scenes, she made me laugh and broke my heart. 

You bring up the issue of depression throughout the book. Is this something that you feel strongly about spreading awareness of?
Definitely, depression and mental illness are something we’re learning to talk about but we still have a long way to go. 
What authors inspire you?
So many! Kirsty Eagar, Courtney Summers, Vikki Wakefield, Melina Marchetta, Nova Ren Suma, Simmone Howell. 
Finally what is your favourite go to book of all time?
Night Beach by Kirsty Eagar. That book is a part of me, it’s like my arm. 

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