Book Review: Last Call by Alice Clayton

Last Call
Author: Alice Clayton
Publisher: Simon and Schuster Australia
Last Call (Cocktail, #4.5)
Caroline is now one of San Francisco't top interior designer, with a schedule that takes her all over Northern California, but still allows leisurely intervals at home. Meanwhile, globetrotting photographer, Simon has severely cut back his accumulation of frequent flyer miles, so the happy couple are indulging themselves in their Sausalito Victorian with plenty of baked goods, wallbanging nookie, and all manners of sexy times...
The next step in their lives seems to be preordained- toasts, veils, and the aisle of rose petals- but is that right for this unconventional couple? When a photo shoot in Southeast Asia brings a terrifying telephone call, Caroline begins to realise that 'till death do us part' is not just a catchy phrase. Suddenly, conventional seems like not such a bad thing at all...
Mix one part sexy, one part laughter, and one part naked. Flavour with a dash of exotic locales, a sprinkling of pink nightie, and serve with a side of Clive the cat. Drink up everybody... it's Last Call!

My Review
Thoughts on the book: I seem to be finishing the last book in a few series that I have been reading lately and a lot of them have amazing endings with Last Call having an absolutely perfect ending to an amazing series. Last Call is a quick read (135 pages) and will be enjoyed from start to finish, which features all our favourite characters from the rest of the Cocktail series. But it's mainly about Simon and Caroline and their impending engagement, which everyone thinks is on the cards and about how they both are looking at their future. Everything is wrapped up perfectly in the end and I kind of wish that she was writing another book because the ending has the makes of another hilarious book.

Favourite quote/moment:
“Megan was able to get me the single most important item in this entire house."
"She got you that new vibrator?"
"Oh, the cookbook, right," he said, remembering. 
Megan used to work for the Food Network, and was able to secure me a signed copy of the original Barefoot Contessa cookbook.” 

Rating: 5/5