Book Review: Half my Facebook friends are ferrets

Half my Facebook Friends are Ferrets
Author: J. A. Buckle
Publisher: Hardie Grant Egmont 

Half My Facebook Friends Are Ferrets
Things to do before I turn 16:
1. Kiss a female who is not a relative, very old, very young or covered in fur.
2. Master 'One' by the legendary Metallica.
3. See Children of Bodom live.
4. Own the Randy Rhoads Flying V Jackson quit at with blue ghost flames.
5. Get something pierced or tattooed.
6. Be half as cool as people say my dad was.

Josh Walker-AKA Josh the Destroyer- has rock 'n' roll dreams, but his mum won't even let him grow his hair long. His best friends are either geeks or nerds (they haven't decided yet) and he's had precisely zero Valentine's Day cards in his life. Will he ever live up to the cool, tough dad he's never known?

My review
Thoughts on the book: When shown this book for review for some reason I decided to read it even though it was properly not something that I would normally read (however the diary style writing is something I love in books) and upon completion of Half my Facebook friends are friends I'm really glad that I did decide to read it. It was quite a fast read as it's not very long and the storyline is quite easy to follow. The main character Josh is someone who a lot of teenage boys can properly identify with (I can't say for sure as you know I'm a girl) and a lot of issues that teenagers face are included in the story line, most with hilarious results. One thing I will say is I found the whole ferret thing a little creepy. I'm not a big ferret fan and I think Josh was just a little too attached to his ferret.
All things considered it's a fantastic read that many people will enjoy, not just teenagers. So if you want a hilarious, laugh out loud read then pick up Half my Facebook Friends are Ferrets you certainly won't be disappointed.

Favourite part/quote
“It's hot in here but that's just you, Michelle, for when I see you it's like the sun comes out in my head. You are the reason for global warming but in a good way.” 

Rating: 3.5/5