Book review: Dreamfire

Author: Kit Alloway
Publisher: Penguin Teen Australia
Unlike most seventeen-year-olds, Joshlyn Weaver has a sacred duty, to enter the Dream universe we all share and defeat nightmares. To fail is to release those nightmares into the world, with all thee optional turmoil they cause.
But despite Josh's reputation as a dream-walking prodigy, she's haunted by her mistakes. A lapse in judgement and the death of someone she loved has left her doubting. Now she's been assigned an apprentice, a boy whose steady gaze appears to see right  through her, and she's almost as afraid of getting them killed.
Then strangers with impossible powers begin appearing in the Dream and it isn't just Will that Josh has to protect-it's the whole world.

My review
Thoughts on the book: I must admit that I was really hesitant to read Dreamfire as I had heard a lot of fellow bloggers had struggled with it saying that it was quite slow and that they couldn't connect with the storyline or the main character, Joshlyn ‘Josh’ weaver.
So what's my opinion on Dreamfire. I actually really liked it and was drawn into the storyline. I wanted to know who the gas mask people were and what their part was in the story. I was also really intrigued by the whole idea of Dream walkers. It's actually quite funny because I had a weird dream while reading it and it resolved itself and I woke up thinking that that's what the concept of the whole book was raising. It's just a fascinating idea and I love that the author has thought this whole world up and really can't wait to see where we are taken in the next book in the series. 
Dreamfire was written from the POV of Josh and Will (Josh's apprentice) and this was where I had a problem with the story. I didn't like how it was written in third person view. It just seemed like I kept getting a little confused with who was narrating the story because of it being written in third person view. 

Rating: 4/5