Book Review: Unwanted by Amanda Holohan

Author: Amanda holohan
Publisher: Penguin Teen Australia
All her life, Bea has wanted nothing more than to become a sniper on the wall and earn the coveted ink of a Dread warrior- a mark of distinction among her people.
She knows that one day the terrifying Erebii might break through the city's outer defenses, and if her people aren't prepared and the wall is breached then the last human city will fall.
But everything Bea thinks she knows is about to be challenged...
What does the ink really do as it flows underneath their skin and who is the mysterious Unwanted boy that keeps appearing in her life?

My Review
Thoughts on the book:      
Hmm I had really high hope for Unwanted and was so excited to read it but unfortunately it didn't quite live up to my expectations. I felt that the start of the book was really drawn out and I was constantly waiting for something or rather anything exciting to happen. Then all of a sudden towards the end of the book we are hurtling towards the end and it has just ended. 
I found that the main character Bea was a bit boring and was easily swayed into doing what others wanted. However I really liked her underground friend Red. He knew exactly what he wanted and wasn't going to stop at anything to get it, even death. He was so different to the other males who were mainly soldiers and were prepared to do anything that the council wanted them to. I also wish that we could have seen a bit more of Gus.
There were a few things that I liked with Unwanted so don't think that this is going to be all bad. I really liked the idea of 'Storks' and when the storks were pregnant you could see the stalks flying around the girl's belly which is something to do with the special ink that each person gets. The special ink was the most interesting thing because it allowed the council to control their citizens in any way that they wanted to. 

Rating: 3/5