Bad for you review

Bad For You
Author: Abbi Glines
Publisher: Simon and Schuster Australia
Bad for You (Sea Breeze, #7)
For rock star and notorious bad boy, Krit Corbin, addiction is part of his nature- and women have always been his favourite obsession. He's used to women falling at his feet- anytime, anywhere- until he meets his very quite, shy new neighbour.
Blythe Denton is used to being alone and keeping to herself. and a loud, not to mention gorgeous, party-going neighbour is not what she anticipated when she moved to Sea Breeze.
Blythe is nothing like the women who usually parade through his apartment, and Krit knows he should keep his distance. But there is something about Blythe that he just can't resist... Krit may have just found his biggest addiction yet!

My Review
Thoughts on the book: Wow just when you think Abbi Glines can't get any better she writes another stellar book that will leave you wanting so much more of not just her amazing writing skills but also more of our favourite characters (and luckily I have a few more books of hers to read). With each book that I read of Abbi's I seem  to find so many new characters to love and with Bad for You I fell in love with the two main characters Krit and Blythe. As we know from previous books in the Sea Breeze series Krit is the frontman for the band Jackdown and has all the girls falling off him and has never really had a serious relationship before. But upon meeting his new neighbour, the ever so quite Blythe (who by the way grew up as a ministers child) he is all but ready to settle down and stop the constant stream of girls that he is seeing. Blythe is a very shy girl who has lived a very sheltered life, she has never really had any friends or been allowed to do anything that normal teens do. So when she completes school and moves out to go to college she starts to see just how good life can be.
I loved being able to get more of an insight into not only the band Jackdown and how they operate as a band and also in a way, more into the lower income side of town where everything isn't all about nice cars and houses. It seemed like for the first couple of books it was mainly about one person being rich and the other poor, which don't get me wrong I absolutely loved, but it was nice to have two people from the same kind of income bracket fall for each other.
In the back of my copy of Bad for You was a preview for Hold on Tight and OMG after reading this expert I can't wait to read it. But also in saying that I know that it will be the second to last book and I for one am not quite ready to let go of this series yet.

Favourite character: SPOILER ALERT
You couldn't help but fall really hard for Krit and all he does to try and distance himself from Blythe because he thinks it is the best thing and then when he realises it isn't how quickly he makes sure that she knows that she is it for him. It was really great to delve deeper into Krit's life and find out a little more about his background and what it is like to be a lead singer in a rock band. I must admit I didn't know that he took medication for anger issues and to keep him calm and it surprised me a bit (although it may not have surprised some other people) but I'm glad that it got brought up and think it is a really good issue .

Favourite moment/quote:
I absolutely love all of Abbi's writing and think she writes some fabulous quotes including this one which I think is one of the best:
“You don’t just fit into my world, Blythe. You are my world”

Rating: 5/5