Wish You Were Italian review

Wish You Were Italian
Author: Kristin Rae
Publisher: Bloomsbury Australia

Goals for Italy
·         Get my picture taken at the Colosseum
·         Swim in the Mediterranean Sea
·         Eat a whole pizza in one sitting
*Fall in love- with an Italian!

Pippa is in Italy for the summer and she’s sure this will be the best holiday ever- her wish list is going to make it happen. But after getting her photo taken at the Colosseum by a very cute American student, Pippa’s heart is torn between him and a cheeky local guy whose fun and flirty ways she just can’t resist. Will she really stick to her own rules and find true love with an Italian?

My review
My thoughts on the book:           SPOILER ALERT
 If you have ever wanted to fall in love in Italy then you should read Wish you were Italian. You will not only fall in love like Pippa did but you will also want to add Italy to your places you want to travel list because the book just makes Italy sound so amazing that you will want to go and see everything for yourself. I have always wanted to go to Italy and see Rome and everything that it offers and now after reading Wish You Were Italian I want to go there even more.
Kristin Rae has done an amazing job of writing this story and throughout the book I felt like I was Pippa and that I was travelling throughout Italy, working in the restaurant, making new friends, getting out of my comfort zone and falling in love for the first time and that is certainly what you want to feel when reading a book.  I cheered and booed so much throughout the book and couldn’t help but yell at Pippa when she started to get involve with Bruno because I could just tell that he was the wrong person for her and that Darren was the right person for her (I mean come on all the signs pointed to him how much obvious could it be). I couldn’t have been happier to see her end up with Darren and loved the little snippet at the very end of the book (which I’m not going to give away) that proved just how right Darren was for her.
Wish You Were Italian is a fantastic read about making your own choices, getting out of your comfort zone and growing up.

Favourite character: Without a doubt my favourite character would have to be Pippa. At the start of the book she is a sweet young girl who has barely ever set a foot wrong in her life and does whatever her parents want her to do even if it’s not what she wants to do (like work in a gallery). Then upon getting to Italy she decides that she doesn’t really want to go the art school her parents are paying for and loaded with a wad of cash from her dad, decides to travel around Italy by herself. She suddenly becomes this bold person who would do anything she sets her mind to (including defying her parents) and strikes out on her own. The little challenges that her friend Morgan set for her where a great added extra to Pippa and I think they alone made her go out of her comfort zone more than she thought she would. As I mentioned above I did have to yell at her when she was choosing to get with Bruno as I felt anyone could see what he was really like, but I also admired her for how well she coped with the choices that she had made.

Rating: 5/5 without a doubt