Crash Into You review

Crash into you
Author: Katie McGarry
Publisher: Harlequin Teen Australia
 Crash into You (Pushing the Limits, #3)
‘Kiss me,’ Isaiah whispers.
‘If you kiss me we’ll blend in.’
The girl with straight A’s and the perfect life- that’s who people expect Rachel Young to be. So the private school junior keeps secrets from her wealthy family… and she’s just added two more to the lists. One involves racing strangers down dark country roads in her Mustang GT. The other? Seventeen-year-old Isaiah Walker- a guy she has no business even talking to. But after the foster kid with the tattoos and intense grey eyes comes to her rescue, she can’t get him out of her mind.
The last thing Isaiah needs is to get tangled up with a rich girl who wants to slum it on the south side for kicks. But, when their shared love of street racing puts their lives in jeopardy, Isaiah and Rachel will have six weeks to discover just how far they’ll go to save each other.

My review
Thoughts on the book: Crash Into You had been sitting on my bookshelf for a good 6 months and for the life of me I don’t know why (this seems to have been happening a lot to me lately). I really enjoy Katie McGarry’s books and Crash Into You was no exception. I found it really enlightening to find out more about Isaiah. We get to learn about his past with his mother and the difficulties he had growing up, we learn that he has a clean record and doesn’t want to ever have one and we also learn that he is quite smart, especially with cars, and that he could do basically whatever he wanted in life in that field. We also get to see him finally really start to deal with everything that has gone down with Beth and get over her and move onto someone who will love him the way that he deserves to be loved.  Of course we also got to see Echo, Noah, Beth and Ryan and we also get to learn more about Ryan (who we were introduced to in Dare You To) and are introduced to Isaiah friend, Abby.
I have to mention all of the cars and car races that were written about throughout the story. I must admit I know nothing about cars and normally don’t really want to know much (which is kind of hard when your husband is an auto elec and loves coming home and telling you all about his day working on cars) but instead of being turned off by all of the car talk, I found it really fitting and may have learnt a thing or two about cars. The races that were being races kind of made me think of The Fast and Furious, so whenever one was going down in the book I would automatically get the Fast and Furious crew in my head and let them race.
The relationship that developed between Isaiah and Rachel was so sweet and innocent. We get to see a much softer and reserved side of Isaiah that we haven’t seen before and then with Rachel we get to see just how fragile she is when it comes to matters of the heart but then again also how strong she will fight for the one that she loves. In any other world you wouldn’t think that these two would work but in this world they certainly do.

Favourite character: This is a hard one because I loved both Isaiah and Rachel, but in the end I think that it would have to be Rachel. At the start of the book we learn that she has been having severe panic attacks, but has been hiding them from her family because she doesn’t want to keep seeing the pitying look in their eyes because they think she will end up like her older sister, Colleen who died young. But by the end of the book she finally stands up to her family and lets them know that she defiantly isn’t Colleen and that she shouldn’t be seen as some replacement just to fill a gap in their lives where Colleen would have been. She is her own person and defiantly isn’t a girly girl as we are constantly shown through her love of cars (which personally I think makes her an interesting character) and also in the fact that she fell in love with the bad boy from the otherside of the tracks who, let’s be honest, most rich girls wouldn’t even look twice at unless they wanted to get back at their parents for something. But Rachel generally falls for Isaiah despite everything that has happened to him and I really loved that about her.

Favourite moment:
“Maybe this is what happens when you fall in love. On the outside a lighter is nothing amazing, but it holds all the ingredients that can create something wonderful. With a few pushes in the right direction, you can inspire something so brilliant that it pushes back the darkness.” 

Rating: 5/5