Sometimes It Lasts Review

Sometimes it lasts
Author: Abbi Glines
Publisher: Simon and Schuster Australia
Sometimes It Lasts (Sea Breeze, #5)
Cage York finally has everything he ever wanted. And Eva Brooks is right at the top of that list. But a baseball scholarship has always been a close second, so when he gets his chance to play, Cage and Eva are forced to endure a long distance relationship. And with that distance comes dangerous temptations- temptations that former bad boy Cage may not be able to resist.
As Eva mourns the sudden loss of her father, and believing that Cage has been behaving badly away from home, she turns to close friend and cute boy-next-door Jeremy for comfort. Now torn between baseball and the girl of his dreams, Cage must prove he’s worthy of Eva’s love, or risk losing her forever.

My Review
Sometimes it Lasts is the 5th Sea Breeze novel and the 2nd about Cage York and Eva Brooks (the first being Sometimes it Lasts).

What I liked: Cage is one of my all-time favourite characters in the Sea Breeze series and I was so excited when I learned that there would be another book written about him and Eva and I will tell you now Sometimes it Lasts certainly didn’t disappoint me. I have to admit that when I was reading the Prologue at the start of the book I thought she was attending the funeral of Cage because of what she was saying and I almost closed the book and threw it away right then and there. I am so glad that I kept reading though because we soon learn that it isn’t Cage at all but Eva’s father (you certainly got me there Abbi). However we also learnt that Eva and Cage aren’t together anymore and that Jeremy and Eva are now engaged and she is pregnant with a baby girl.  We then start the story and we learn throughout the book what happened to lead up to these things occurring.
I must admit that I had so many emotions running through me while reading this book. I especially could identify with Eva with her father having cancer (my father had throat cancer but thankfully beat it and is now healthy). I understood completely how her father wanted to stay on the farm and spend his last days there doing what he loves then in a hospital where he would just waste away. I think I would rather do that too.
Cage and Eva always seem to be dealt a bad hand in things and this book was no exception. They spent half of the book apart not only because he was away playing ball and she was home looking after her dad gets sick, but also because of the cruel thing that Ace and Hayden (Cage’s new roommate/teammate and next door neighbour) do. We really get to see how wrong they are when they are apart. They both really can’t function without each other and you know how right for each other they are when she gets engaged to Jeremy. Even though she is engaged to him she is still thinking about Cage when she is wanting to get off and wont kiss or even hug Jeremy which is so not what being in a relationship is like. But also in saying this we get to see Eva really come alive in this book and become very independent. Also Cage becomes so much more mature and learns to hold his emotions in check more and not just lash out or show his cards straight away.

What I didn’t like: SPOILER ALERT
I would have loved to have read more about Cage and Eva’s wedding and what happened when baby Bliss was born.
I also didn’t like Cage’s new roommate Ace or his neighbour Hayden. I hated how they conspired together to get Cage to give up his scholarship and leave Tennessee all because Ace didn’t want him taking away his Star pitcher spot. They not only didn’t succeed in getting him to leave they made him more determined to stay and take over the star pitcher spot because they ruined his relationship with Eva.

Favourite character: As much as I love Cage, in Sometimes it Lasts my favourite character would have to be Eva. I just loved how much she evolved in this book. At the start all she could think about was Cage and how in love she was with him and how she couldn’t wait to move away with him. Then when she gets the shocking news that her father has cancer and that he only has months to live and is refusing treatment her whole world is turned upside down. Everyone expects her to check out like she did when she lost her mother and Josh but surprising everyone she turns around and shows everyone that she is stronger than they all believe. She doesn’t stop living because they pain is too much, she realises that she needs to live and enjoy life more than ever because there might not be a tomorrow.
I especially love Eva at the end where everyone is waiting in the waiting room at the hospital awaiting the arrival of Low and Marcus’s baby and in walks Low’s sister Tawny (who no one likes). Everyone tells her to leave and she starts mouthing off to everyone.  Suddenly Eva turns around and has a big go at her: ‘Listen, bitch, the only white trash in this room is the one who slept with a married man. An old married man, at that. You call my man one more name and I will knock those ridiculously high heels out from under you. So back the hell off before you end up on your ass.’ No one was expecting this and when they all start clapping I think Eva was like why are you clapping I only said what was on my mind.

Favourite part:
“Jeremy brought you halfway, but the rest is mine. I’ve had you the rest of the way.” He said as Jeremy handed me over and pressed a kiss to my cheek.
I looked up at Cage as he tucked my arm into his and bestowed me with one of his soul-stealing grins. “It’s time we start our always, Eva.”
I turned to face him. I stood on my tiptoes and pressed a kiss to his lips. Then I whispered, “We already have. We’ve been working on our always since you walked into my world with a cocky swagger and a smile.” 

Rating: what else would it be for a Abbi Glines book 5/5

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