Vampire Academy: The Ultiamate Guide Review

Vampire Academy: The Ultimate Guide
By: Michelle Rowen with Richelle Mead
Publisher:  Penguin Teen Australia

Love and Loyalty Run Deeper than Blood . . .
Lissa Dragomir is a Moroi princess: a mortal vampire with a rare gift for harnessing the earth's magic.  Her best friend Rose Hathaway is a dhampir: a guardian whose blood is a powerful blend of vampire and human.  Rose's life id dedicated to protecting Lissa from the dangerous Strigoi-the fiercest vampires, who will stop at nothing to make Lissa one of them.  Over the course of six books, love will blossom, hearts will be broken, and lives will be lost.  But through it all, Rose and Lissa's friendship will never surrender . . .
·         Learn everything you ever wanted to know about the totally addictive world Richelle Mead has created
·         Find out the real history of St. Vladimir's Academy
·         Explore the dark psychology behind Rose and Lissa's unusual friendship
·         Discover even more illicit secrets about Rose and Dimitri
·         Quiz yourself to find out how much you really know about VAMPIRE ACADEMY
Features exclusive behind-the-scenes stories from author Richelle Mead along with everything readers need to go even deeper into the characters and lore of Vampire Academy, Frostbite, Shadow Kiss, Blood Promise, Spirit Bound, and Last Sacrifice . . 

My review
I was so excited when I got this book in the mail that I immediately started reading it and upon starting to read it I started wishing that I could re-read all of the Vampire Academy books again, but alas I already have heaps of books to read and this would cause me to fall further behind with my reviews.
This book has it all. Part One is full of recaps of the six vampire academy books. Each book is given its own chapter which is filled with a short recap of the most important things that happen in the book, quotes that are throughout the book and a short quiz at the end of the chapter about each book. Personally I found the quiz’s too easy but maybe that’s just because I have read the books and remember them really well. The second part of the book is The World of Vampire Academy. This part is filled with: descriptions of the main characters and some other characters (which feature a description of who they are and a quote), a chapter on love and friendship (featuring Rose and Dimitri, Rose and Adrian, Rose and Lissa and Lissa and Christian) which also has quotes throughout and Q&A with Richelle Mead, a chapter on Allies and Monsters which discusses things such as the Morio (with focus on the elemental magic, St.Vladimir’s academy and the Moroi Royal Court), Dhamphirs (focusing on Guardians and marks and tattoos), the Alchemists and Strigoi (How Stigoi are created and can be killed). Then finally there is a massive quiz at the end followed by the Glossary.
This is an amazing companion book for anyone that loves the Vampire Academy series and for people who don’t really want to read the whole series this would be a great cheat book to get all the lowdown so you still know what is going on.

Rating: 5/5