Taste of Darkness review

Taste Of Darkness
By: Maria V. Snyder
Publisher: Harlequin Teen Australia
What would you do if the future of your world rests on your decision?
Avry knows hardship and trouble. She fought the plague and survived. She took on King Tohon and defeated him. But now her heart-mate, Kerrick, is missing, and Avry fears he’s gone forever.

But there’s a more immediate threat: the Skeleton King plots to claim the Fifteen Realms for his own. With armies in disarray and the dead not staying down, Avry’s healing powers are need now more than ever.

Torn between love and loyalty, Avry must choose her path carefully… because lives are depending on her.

My review
What I liked about the book: I think that if there was any ending to this series, the ending that Maria chose was perfect. Everything comes together in a way that everyone would be happy with although I would have loved to have a little bit at the end that was like 5 or 10 years into the future so we could see where they all were. I am really glad that everyone makes it out safe and that Avry and Kerrick can now start their life together without any worries.

What I didn’t like about the book: Ok so there were three things that I didn’t really like about Taste of Darkness. They were:
1.        I hate to say it but as much as I love Maria V. Snyder and her series for me Taste of Darkness seemed to drag a bit for me. I don’t know whether it was the length or whether I just really struggled to get into it due to the hot weather and reading it over the Christmas/New Year period but it took me forever to read it.
2.       I found that towards the end it seemed to be rushed a little. So much happened so quickly that I didn’t really get a chance to digest it before it was over. I think the fighting scenes at the end could have been dragged out a little more and that some of the things that happened inbetween could have been shortened. But that’s just my opinion.
3.       But also in saying that another thing I didn’t like was that the series had to end. I have loved reading about Kerrick and Avry and their difficult relationship.

Favourite character: I think Avry will always be my favourite character in this series but I felt in Taste of Darkness that I really grew to love Flea. He has to deal with so much change in this book and I think he grows us so much dealing with it all as well. After finding out that he is a Death Magician he basically decides that he doesn’t want to deal with magic anymore and that he is just going to turn it off and that only happens at the start of the book. By the end of not only this book but the series, he has changed so much. He embraces his magic and learns to use it in a way that he is comfortable with and grows up as a person. He is still a young boy in appearance but inside he has the heart of a man and it shows with the way he portrays himself and also the way he now communicates with everyone. He has grown so much from the young street thief that he was to the brilliant Death Magician that he becomes. He has quickly grown into one of my favourite characters of the series.

Favourite part/quote: Although there are many funny moments throughout the book, especially concerning the monkeys and flea I think the passage below is by far my favourite moment in the book (although I won’t tell you when it occurs as it will ruin it for you):
Kerrick dug into his pocket and removed a ring. “Avry of Kazan Realm, will you marry me?”
He whooped and kissed me.
Warmth spread throughout my heart as he slipped the ring onto my finger. Made of stone, the ring had an intricate pattern of vines on the outside that Kerrick must have carved.
“This is temporary. It kept me busy while waiting for you.”
“This is wonderful. No need-“
“Nope, I’m buying you one made of liquid metal. It has to last forever.”

Rating: 4/5