Shadow Kiss graphic novel review

Shadow Kiss: A Vampire Academy graphic novel
Based on the story by Richelle Mead
Adapted by Leigh Dragoon
Illustrated by Emma Vieceli
Publisher: Penguin Teen Australia
What if the following her heart means Rose could lose her best friend forever?
A strange darkness begins to grow in Rose’s mind, and ghostly shadows warn of a terrible evil drawing nearer to the Academy’s iron gates. The immortal undead are closing in, and they want vengeance for the lives Rose has stolen. In a heart-stopping battle to rival her worst nightmares, Rose will have to choose between love, life, and the two people who matter the most… but will her choice mean that only once can survive?

My review
Plot: Shadow Kiss is the third book in the Vampire Academy series. This book centres around what happens after Mason is killed. The dhampir’s are finding out their field assignments at school and Rose is disappointed (to say the least) that she doesn’t get Lisa as her Moroi assignment. But that is the least of her worries when she keeps seeing Mason’s ghost around the school and that it impacts her field assignment. Then there is her relationship with Dimitri and impending attack of Strigori. There is not a moment to be missed in this book.

What I liked about the book: This was my first graphic novel that I have ever read and I can confidently say that it certainly won’t be my last. I loved that I was finally able to see what Richelle Mead envisioned when she was writing the book. It really is a good book for people who feel that the actual book is too long. This gives them an insight into what is happening and is basically like a study notes book.

What I didn’t like about the book: I think the only thing that I could say that I didn’t like is that it went so quickly when I was reading it and that it didn’t contain the whole book. I know they couldn’t possibly write the whole book word for word in graphic form but if they had maybe it would have been longer.

Favourite character: I think that my favourite character in the book would have to be Rose. I loved being able to see what Richelle thought that she looked like and it was basically what I thought she would be like. She is such a strong, feisty character and is a heroine that all books should focus their character around.

Favourite part/quote: It’s hard to write a quote so I will kind of say my favourite part.
‘Dimitri… He loves me. He trusts me. He loves me. And I love him.’