Review: While it lasts

While it lasts
By Abbi Glines
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
Trouble follows Cage York around. Usually has charm gets him off the hook, but this time his recklessness means he’s spending his summer of sweeping out barns and babysitting cows, instead of enjoying late-night hook ups.

The only bright spot is Eva, an uptight, snarky brunette who seems immune to Cage’s advances. Behind those big blue eyes and fiery temper, Eva is nursing a broken heat and the last thing she needs is a player like Cage flashing his irritating (though admittedly gorgeous) smile in her direction.

But as the humidity rises, Cage begins to crack Eva’s carefully built walls as the two of them learn that what they want, and need, may be something they never expected…

My review
While it Lasts is Abbi Glines third book in her hugely successful Sea Breeze series. In this book we have moved away from Sea Breeze to a country farm where one of Sea Breeze’s bad boys, Cage York is currently working at his coach’s brother’s farm after getting done for drink driving. Also on the farm is his coach’s niece, Eva who is dealing with the loss of her fiancĂ©, Josh.
I had a little thing for Cage in Because of Low because of how much attention he showed and how he acted with Low, who even though he said he was going to marry her he knew deep down that that was never going to happen. So when I got given While it Lasts to review I couldn’t wait to see where Abbi Glines was going to take Cage next and boy was I not disappointed. Cage seems to have grown up a lot from Because of Low and I think this is because he finally realised that he was never going to be the perfect man for Low and he had to let someone else give her everything that she deserved. And knowing how much Cage loves girls it was no surprise to find that he would go after Eva, one of the only girls around the area. I think what attracts him so much to her is that he sees a lot of Low in her. She has recently lost the love of her life and is struggling and Cage thinks that he can help by taking her mind of it.
While the plot may be a tired and tested one where the bad boy falls for the innocent good girl Abbi Glines makes it so much more than that. It is also about Eva having to finally deal with the death of her fiancĂ©e Josh. At the start of the story we discover that she is not only still wearing her engagement ring, but she also isn’t singing or playing her guitar or driving her jeep anymore. And the more she won’t deal with his death the more she is holding other people up from getting on with their lives, like Josh’s twin brother Jeremy. Jeremy has been staying behind at his family’s farm, instead of starting his life, so that Eva doesn’t think that he is abandoning her too. But no one thought it would be someone like Playboy Cage York who would get her to come out of her shell and accept that the world has changed and that she needs to accept that Josh is gone and move on.
While it Lasts is an amazing love story that will have you believing that nothing can get in the way of true love and that everything happens for a reason even if at the time it doesn’t seem like the best reason, one day you will seem like the best reason but one day you will realise that it is.