Review: The Vincent Brothers

The Vincent Brothers
By Abbi Glines
Publisher: Hot Key Books
Smouldering Sawyer Vincent is in a bad way after his break-up with Ashton Gray. Losing the girl he dreamed of marrying is bad enough, but to lose her to his brother Beau is plain humiliating.

But Sawyer won’t be alone for long- not if Ashton’s cousin Lana has her way. Lana’s grown up to be a pouting femme fatale and she wants Sawyer, real bad.

But deep down, will Lana ever feel good enough to compete with Ashton in Sawyer’s eyes? She’s red hot, but inside, Lana’s still the shy geeky girl she used to be.

Lana’s gonna need all her sexy powers of persuasion to make this gorgeous Vincent boy her man…

My Review

In the Vincent Brothers we are thrust back into the Vincent family six months after Ashton chose Beau of his half-brother Sawyer. I just love how Abbi Glines sucks you in from the first word and keeps your eyes glued to the pages until the very end. She certainly has an amazing writing style which not many people seem to have. And what makes it better is that she writes both Young Adult and New Adult books so we get to see how versatile she is with her writing.
The Vincent Brothers is told the point of view of Lana and Sawyer which I loved. I felt we got to know Sawyer more in this book which I loved as Sawyer is my favourite Vincent Brother. He seems to let go a lot in this book of a lot of the perceptions that people have of him and grows up a lot and turn into a very sexy Vincent boy. He even takes on his dad for not acknowledging Beau as his son. But it was also good to learn more about Lana and how she changed her whole life for the one boy she has always wanted to be a part of her life. By also having these two as the main voices of the story we also get to see another side to Beau and Ashton.
By far my favourite part of the book is the epilogue. I can’t believe how well Abbi Glines has tied the ending up into a bow. It was truly the perfect ending as we found out everything that happened with not only Lana and Sawyer but also Beau and Ashton. I don’t want to say too much more and give it all away but you must read not only this book but the series and also every other book and series by Abbi Glines.