Review: The Vincent Boys

The Vincent Boys
By Abbi Glines
Publisher: Hot Key Books

Preacher’s daughter Ashton Gray is gorgeous, good and kind, and she’s dating Sawyer Vincent- handsome school quarterback and all-sound gentleman. Sawyer’s perfect, and Ashton knows it.

But when Sawyer leaves town for the summer, Ashton gets to spending time with his cousin Beau. Unlike Sawyer, Beau is a bona fide bad-boy- drinking, sleeping around and generally going the way of his white-trash parents.

Ashton knows it’s wrong, but something about Beau has her all hot and bothered. He’s bringing out the bad girl in this sweet southern belle.

Sultry, romantic, hotter than the Alabama sun- what will the Vincent Boys do for you?

My Review
Once again Abbi Glines has produced an award winning book that will be taking pride of place front and centre on my book shelves where all Abbi Glines books belong in anyone’s house. Before starting The Vincent Boys I was in a major reading slump that I just couldn’t seem to get out of. But upon picking up the book before the end of the first chapter I was hooked and I stayed hooked right until the very end.
To start off with there are two smoking hot Alabama cousins, Beau the local bad boy who know one has time for and Sawyer the town hero who everyone worships. Besides being cousins these two boys have another thing in common, they both love their childhood friend, the towns preacher’s daughter, Ashton Gray. But Sawyer is the one that is with Ashton and has been for three years, but upon being separated from her over summer is this about to change? Of course if I had to pick one of the boys I think I would go for Sawyer. Even though he seems to be the perfect Vincent Boy that can do know wrong, I do believe that there is a little bad boy in him which makes him more appealing to me.
The storyline within the book was very easy to follow which allows for us to really concentrate on the big issues at hand which include: a big, a mind boggling secret that unfolds in the story that will impact all of the main characters within the story that will change a lot of people’s opinions of certain people and the love triangle that emerges between Sawyer, Ashton and Beau.
I must say upon finishing The Vincent Boy’s I quickly picked up The Vincent Brother’s to see where Abbi Glines would take the story next and I wasn’t disappointed.