Review: Just for Now

Just for Now
By Abbi Glines
Publisher: Simon and Schuster Australia
Preston Drake is one bad boy. He has a different girl in his bed every night, which is just how he likes it- no strings, no issues, just fun. The problem is, he keeps finding himself thinking about the one girl he shouldn’t … his best friend’s little sister, who’s suddenly all grown-up.

Amanda Hardy has had a crush on Preston for ever, but his reputation always kept her away. Now that it seems the attraction might be mutual, it’s getting harder to ignore her feelings…
No one wants them to be together- but their attraction is too strong to keep them apart.

My review
Once again I have fallen in love with not only one of Abbi Glines books but also the characters within. Just for Now is about Marcus Hardy’s (who we met in Because of Low and also featured in While it Lasts) best friend, Parker Drake and his little sister Amanda and is told in the POV’s of both Parker and Amanda. Parker Hardy has had a hard life growing up in a trailer park with a mother who doesn’t care about him even now that he is paying her bills and helping with his younger siblings. But do his friends really know what he is doing for a living? Then there is Amanda. Marcus’s little sister who has always lived in his shadow. She is known as an innocent little girl who no one should mess with unless they wish to deal with Marcus and someone who when she knows what. But is she as innocent as everyone believes? We see both Amanda and Parker change so much in this book. Amanda changes in everyone’s eyes from Marcus’s little sister to a very sexy, sophisticated women and Preston changes from the bad boy who sleeps around with anyone to a one women man who gives up everything that he did to survive.
And of course there is the love triangle that is formed. Amanda has always liked Preston but when he shows no interest in her she broadens her horizons to Jax Stone’s brother, Jason. But when Preston see’s Amanda with Jax he realises that just because she is Marcus’s little sister doesn’t mean that he should give up on his one true love.
What is not to love about this book. It is filled with amazing characters that you can instantly connect with and relate to, an intriguing setting (I mean who wouldn’t love to live in Sea Breeze), a love triangle, an interesting job that Preston holds, a death and a wedding. Abbi Glines can do know wrong when it comes to writing a fantastic mind blowing book and series.