Out for Blood By Alyxandra Harvey Review

Out for blood
By: Alyxandra Harvey
Publisher: Bloomsbury Australia

“Tell me about the Drake brothers. Are they as yummy as everyone says?”
“Totally.” I didn’t even have to think about that one. “It was like being in a room full of Johnny Depps.”

Hunter Wild, vampire hunter and star pupil at a top secret slayer academy, has a crush on a guy called Quinn. He’s tall, dark and very handsome. He’s also a vampire, and one of the infamous Drake brothers at that.
As if forbidden love wasn’t bad enough, something strange is also happening at the Helios-Ra academy. Vampire attacks are increasing, students are mysteriously falling ill and the teachers seem completely clueless. It’s up to Hunter and her friends to put things right… that is, if she can get a certain immortal out of her head long enough to think about anything else.

My review:
As with the previous two Drake Chronicles stories, Out for Blood is told from the points of view of Quinn Drake and Hunter wild. Quinn is the fourth oldest brother and is Conner’s twin. He has a way with the ladies and always has a different one on his arm until he meets Hunter Wild. Hunter Wild is a star pupil at Helios-Ra academy and come from a long line of vampire hunter’s which she is learning to become. Both come together for the coronation of Quinn’s mother, Helena Drake as the new vampire queen, and become quite close following multiple meetings. Then as the vampire attacks continue in frequency and the mysterious illness rapidly increasing among the students, they must work together to find out where the mysterious pills, which are thought to be the cause of the illness, are coming from and what they contain. But can a vampire and a vampire hunter overcome their instincts and work together for the greater good?

I loved how in Out for Blood we learnt about how the vampire hunting school, Helios Ra Academy, works and I think that it was a brilliant move on Alyxandra Harvey’s part to include a book in her series about it. So we not only do we get to learn about the different vampire clans associated with the Drakes, but we also get to learn about the people who are supposed to be killing them and their take on what vampires are like. And by bringing Quinn and Hunter together we are now guaranteed to learn more about each in the other subsequent books in the series which I am really looking forward to. I love their relationship and that they learn so much about the other’s world just by being around them. It changes their perspective on most things that they believe they know and it makes them into better people.

The plot was amazing and had so many rollercoaster moments in there. I would be reading along going awh yeah I know what is happening and then be thrown backwards as my assumptions were completely off. This is one aspect that keeps me coming back to read more of Alyxandra Harvey’s books and especially the Drake Chronicles series. I can’t wait to see where the series goes next and will be devouring Bleeding Hearts (book 4) as soon as I can.

My favourite quote
“Where is Nicholas?” Kieran asked.
“He’s locked in a closet,” Lucy said with grim satisfaction. After a moment of stunned silence, Quinn snorted out a laugh.
“You locked your boyfriend in a closet?” I asked.
“Cool,” Chloe approved. The rhinestones on her earrings caught the blue lantern light.
Lucy shrugged. “Serves him right. He locked me in there last week."