Bleeding Hearts Review

Bleeding Hearts
By Alyxandra Harvey
Publisher: Bloomsbury Australia
Bleeding Hearts (Drake Chronicles, #4)
It’s not easy being the new girl in town, and Christabel Llewellyn is certainly that. She’s new to Violet Hill, new to the country life, and new to vampires. Which, considering she’s Lucy Hamilton’s cousin, is going to prove problematic… Lucy’s boyfriend is one of the Drake brothers, her best friend is a Drake princess, and all of the Drakes are vampires.

But they aren’t the only undead to reside in Violet Hill. The town is infested with a very different and entirely more dangerous type of feral vampire, the Hel-Blar. And when Christabel is kidnapped by their leader and held to ransom, the Drakes are forced into action.

My review
Bleeding Hearts is the 4th book in the highly addictive Drake Chronicles series. In Bleeding Hearts we are introduced to Christabel Llewellyn and Conner Drake. Christabel has moved to Violet Hill to live with her cousin, Lucy Hamilton (girlfriend to Nicholas Drake) and has no idea that Lucy’s friends from when she visited as a child are actually vampires.  But little does she know that a case of mistaken identity (where Christabel is thought to be Lucy as she is driving her car) will lead her on a very dangerous journey into the world of vampirism, and not just any vampires but Hel-Blar , the worst of the worst. Entre Conner the geeky twin brother of Quinn who upon seeing Christabel decided that he likes her. And upon learning that she has been taken drops everything and follows her scent to her kidnappers. What comes after is a story filled with many twists and turns, a quirky search and rescue mission that only the Drake family could accomplish, the discovery of a new breed of vampire, new love, fights galore, a doozy of an announcement from Lucy to her parents (seriously I didn’t see that coming) and a ripper epilogue that will leave you OMGing.

This series just gets better and better with each book. As I have said in other reviews for these books, I love how we get to read about the other characters that we have read about in previous books. In Bleeding Hearts the book is told in the POV’s of Conner, Lucy and Christabel. I always love diving into to learn more about one of the Drake family and how different they all are, as well as finding out more about Lucy and now learning about Christabel who is someone who hasn’t grown up or knows anything about vampires.
I am so glad that I started this series after all the books have been written because the wait to read the next book in this series would have been agonising.  But I will now be diving into the next book very soon so the wait isn’t bad at all.


My favourite quote
"I read a lot. I love books. If they came in a bottle, I'd be a drunk too."